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  High Density Cartridge Heaters :
Cartridge Heaters:
MATRUSREE ELECTRO HEATS assists our customers with unique designs and solve existing problematic applications with special and custom engineered and manufactured thermal components which set our industry Standard for excellence.
MATRUSREE high-density cartridges are round tubular heaters with electrical terminations on one side. These dependable heaters are made to withstand tough industrial usage. With a tolerance of +/- 0.002" on their outside diameter to secure a tight fit inside receptacle holes, and rock hard compaction of MgO insulation through swaging, these heaters can attain 1600 F sheath temperature. Matrusree's ruggedly constructed, high watt density Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters provide excellent heat transfer efficiency, high operating temperature (typically 90 to 95 watts per square inch, depending on the application) and long life. The Hi-Temp Cartridge is made to withstand internal temperatures of up to 1600 F (871 C). Its swaged construction allows for minimal air gaps, providing superior heat transfer and resistance to impact and vibration. Dual voltage and three phase are available on selected diameters of the Hi-Temp.
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