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:: Load Banks ::
MATRUSREE leads the way in LOAD BANK design and digital control technology. All digital controls are at the TOUCH of your fingertips. Take CONTROL with easy to use unique programs that display status, provide accuracy, programming and data logging. POWER to take control of all load testing requirements. MATRUSREE's world leading design technology results in an easy to use, digitally controlled, reliable, low maintenance product range that is equal to the challenge of modern power system demands.

MATRUSREEs Load Banks are accurate, compact, quiet, weatherproof, corrosion proof and transportable. Continuous development and over 20 years of experience go into every Load Bank to produce a range of machines that exceed customer requirements and expectations. MATRUSREE is totally dedicated to producing the best Load Banks available. Our designs solve the limits of operation, suitability, accuracy, reliability and durability found in other products.
Load banks can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:
  • Factory testing of engine generator sets
  • To reduce "wet stacking" problems
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • UPS system testing
  • Battery system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications
  • Factory testing of turbines
Matrusree manufactures both the load banks and the auxiliary equipment necessary to handle these and other applications. Contact your Matrusree sales representative for complete support in choosing the best load bank system for your requirements.
All standard Matrusree Load Banks are rated for continuous operation in all tropical ambient temperatures; customized versions are available for operation at higher temperatures. Resistive load banks can be manufactured to any size at any voltage and frequency to suit customer's requirements. A standard range of load banks with ratings between 2kW and 3500kW at customers specified voltage and frequency are available in standard frame sizes. Resistive load banks are not affected by change in frequency but must not be operated at voltages above the specified voltage. They may however be used on lower voltages, but the total load available will be proportionally reduced. When operating at reduced voltages or at frequencies other than the specified frequency the cooling fans and control circuits will require the connection of a suitable external auxiliary supply. Standard resistive load banks with ratings up to 1600kW are available in folded steel enclosures; larger banks with ratings up to 3500kW are built in ISO type containers.
Folded steel and ISO container type enclosures are both available in two forms, one designed for fixed installation at permanent outdoor locations, the other transportable for moving from site to site.
Matrusree Load Banks are available in Resistive form and is designed to produce a controlled, variable AC load for commissioning, periodic testing or load management of generators, UPS systems and many other similar applications.
Resistive Load Modules:
All standard modules are suitable for continuous operation at the specified ambient temperature. Standard resistive AC load modules are available in six frame sizes with ratings between 10 kW and 1200 kW. The maximum amount of load available in any frame size is dependent on the capacity of the cooling fans and the number of resistor elements needed to give the required switching resolution. Standard Units are designed for operation at a specified voltage and frequency. Multi-voltage, multi-frequency equipment can however be manufactured to order. The load resistors are unaffected by change in frequency but must not be operated at voltages above the specified voltage. They may however be used at low voltages, but the total load available will be reduced. When operating at reduced voltages the cooling fans and control circuit will require the connection of a suitable auxiliary supply.
The resistors are switched by contactors in order to supply a 1kW switching resolution for all ratings up to 1200 kW. The integrated control PCB accepts signals from any of the Matrusree controllers, each of which is designed to perform a particular control function. More than one load module may be linked by a control loop cable and operated as one load by a single controller, this facility is available as an option. When required by the customer, simple on-board control can be fitted to switch the load in a limited number of steps by means of toggle switches or externally by customer's own control system. Full details of the various controllers and control systems are given on pages 6 - 8.
Matrusree standard load modules have forced air cooling suitable for operating in all tropical ambient temperatures. Customized versions are available allowing operation in higher ambient. The air flow on transportable units up to 400 kW is produced by single phase motor driven fans, larger units and units for fixed installation have 3 phase motors. Fans are controlled by DOL starters and protected by thermal overloads. Thermal sensors will shed load should the temperature of the element chamber exceed 90 deg.c. Airflow switches are fitted on units rated in excess of 400 kW. Stayput emergency stop push buttons are fitted to the fan circuit. Transportable modules with 3 phase motors have a monitor circuit to prevent operation unless phase rotation is correct. Optional manual changeover switch or automatic changeover contactors are available to correct the phase rotation.

Enclosures are manufactured from coated mild steel sheet, folded to form a rigid construction. Transportable models are suitable for lifting by forklift truck and are fitted with heavy duty swivel castors and lifting eyes. When ordered for fixed installation the castors are replaced with channels for fixing to a suitable concrete base. The standard finish is a white, oven-baked, polyester powder coating which gives a tough high gloss finish resistant to UV radiation. For installations in a corrosive or salt laden atmosphere special finishes are available.
Types of Load Banks:
Portable Load Banks:
Matrusree's complete line of portable resistive load banks ranges in size from 10KW to 700KW. For larger ratings, Matrusree can provide trailer mounted models to satisfy most load testing requirements at remote sites.

Built to resist vibration encountered during transportation, Matrusree portable load banks are lightweight, compact, reliable, and save money because they are built to last.

These Matrusree units feature durable Nichrome resistive elements cooled by high volume blower assemblies and integral operator control panels. Switches on the control panel actuate 120VAC contactors to safely isolate the operator from high voltage circuits. Control power can be derived from the power source under test, or from an external 120VAC source. The Digital Metering system is standard on units rated 25 KW or higher.

Matrusree's portable load banks are constructed using heavy gauge aluminized steel for years of reliable service. These units are fitted with lockable casters or rubber shock mount feet for easy movement from one test site to another using common pickup trucks or vans.
High Capacity, Ultra Compact Portable Load Banks:
The Matrusree Load Bank is available in three standard versions including 55 KW at 240 or 480 V AC, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 25 KW at 120/240 V AC, 1-phase, 60 Hz, and 75 KW at 240 VAC, 1-phase, 60 Hz. At only 69 pounds, it is light enough to be easily moved and transported by one technician, and rugged enough to stand up to years of reliable service. The load bank comes standard with a hard-cover protective travel case on casters with a telescoping handle.

The Matrusree Load Bank is rated 100 KW at 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz and 93.75 KW at 240 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz. Designed for continuous operation, this Matrusree Load Bank gives users the of a high-capacity load in a lightweight and ultra-compact package. Weighing only 105 pounds, this load bank is less than half the weight and size of traditional load banks of similar capacity. Built for indoor operation, the load bank is ideal for field testing Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and small AC generators.
Very Light Portable Load Banks:
Matrusree produces three small portable load banks. This an AC load bank designed for indoor use that provides up to 10KW load at 120 or 240 VAC. Due to its small size, this is easily transported to any job site.

For DC loading in a hand carried package, Matrusree offers custom Load Banks. This unit provides up to 150 Amperes loading capacity for testing UPS and other DC power sources at either 26 or 52 Volts DC. This unit also does not require special tools.

These units are "the load banks of choice" as they provide the right mix of transportability, ease of use, and reliable Matrusree construction.
Load Banks mounted on Trailers
Matrusree offers an extensive line of load bank trailer packages for high power over the road, mobile testing at multiple sites. Resistive, Reactive, or DC models are available. The load bank can be supplied mounted to a heavy duty, dual-axle, DOT road legal trailer, or supplied "loose" and "trailer-ready" for easy installation on your own locally purchased trailer. Options include load bank quick-disconnect power connectors, load cable storage box, cable reels, and trailer hydraulic surge brakes (electric brakes are standard).

With the introduction of larger generator sets in the marketplace, the need has grown for very high capacity portable load banks for start up and maintenance testing. To meet this need, Matrusree has designed a trailer mounted load bank package with load capacity ratings up to 3000 KW at 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz. The vertical airflow design offers increased load handling capability in a single stand-alone unit.
Permanent Load Banks:
Matrusree's permanently installed resistive load banks are ruggedly constructed units typically rated between 50KW and 3000KW. Designed for outdoor operation, these units feature highly reliable Matrusree Nichrome load elements. These elements are mounted in enclosures equipped with screened and louvered intake and exhaust openings to protect against debris, and are cooled by heavy duty blowers. These units are provided with a gasket and heated enclosure to protect contactors and other components from condensation related problems.
Medium Voltage Resistive Load Banks:
Matrusree is a leading manufacturer of true medium voltage load banks. These units operate at the actual output voltage of medium voltage generators or turbines and therefore do not require large step-down transformers. A typical module is rated 4 to 6 megawatts and multiple modules are used when tens or hundreds of megawatts are required. Load switching is accomplished using medium voltage vacuum contactors. Voltages from 5kV to 15kV are available.

Also available are conventional load bank and step-down transformer designs mounted on a common structural skid with factory interconnection between the load bank and transformer. This design is typically the most cost effective load bank system for medium voltage testing between 750 KW and 3000 KW. Standard voltages are 2400, 4160, 12470, or 13800 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and frequencies are available). Step-down transformers and load banks are also available separately (without skid) for permanent field installation.
Radiator and Duct Mounted Load Banks:
The Matrusree load banks are designed for radiator or duct mounting and are available in a variety of frame dimensions. The load banks are permanently mounted to the front on diesel engine generator sets, and sized to match the width and height of the radiator core or exhaust duct opening. The load bank utilizes the engine cooling air rather than an internal cooling fan found on conventional load banks. A top and bottom mounting flange, or removable duct adapter flanges are supplied for mounting and ease of installation.
Coil Wound Resistive Load Bank:
Matrusree Coil wound Resistors are designed for medium current applications from 16 amps to 100 amps continuous with natural convection cooling. Rugged construction allows high overload ratings for intermittent duty applications. These resistors are constructed from a continuous ribbon of stainless steel resistance alloy, helically wound on edge to form a rigid coil. The coil is fully supported by a high temperature threaded ceramic core which provides electrical insulation and ensures uniform spacing from turn-to-turn even under severe overload conditions. The resistor terminations are stainless steel to prevent corrosion and welded to each end for improved reliability. If intermediate taps are required, adjustable clamp-on terminals are also available. Matrusree Coil wound Resistors can be supplied loose with threaded support rods, preassembled with brackets, or fully assembled in indoor or outdoor enclosures. This simplifies and speeds installation to save time and money. To further improve functionality, these resistors can be provided with optional wiring and control systems. Contact your Matrusree sales engineer for total support in selecting resistors, assemblies, and custom configurations for your application.
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